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Join Inner Garden as an Educator

Follow the following steps to complete the application (take less than 30 mins):

  1. Fill the survey form on Google Forms
  2. If you want to use your own property to run a day home, submit photos of the area you want to use:
    • Recommended: If you have iPhone 12 Pro or higher, OR iPad Pro 2020 or higher (iOS device with LiDAR module)
      • Visit the link and learn to capture the space, select ‘Object’ during your output
      • Upload the space and attach the link in email or message to Bing
    • Else, take videos and photos then send them to Bing through email or message.
  3. Send Bing a message or email to notify your submission (including the link from previous step), then wait for feedback (1~2 business days).

Thank you for your interest.