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  • Zoom Link – IG家庭教育大讲堂第二讲:
    Please enter the meeting using the following link, March 28th at 6:30 PM. 3月28号晚上6:30 – 8:30 如何帮助自闭症,多动症和天赋型的孩子活出自己的色彩 我们邀请了Alberta 注册儿童职业治疗师史夏冰老师,她将以生动的语言 深入浅出地为大家讲解儿童成长的常见行为以及帮助方法 ,期待大家一起参与,共同成长!
  • 2023 Inner Garden General Holidays and Breaks
    General Holiday All facilities will be closed for one day on the following days. General holiday Date New Year’s Day January 1 Alberta Family Day February 20 Good Friday April 7 Victoria Day May 22 Canada Day July 1 Heritage Day (Pending) August 7 Labour Day September 4 Thanksgiving Day October 9 Remembrance Day November… Read More »2023 Inner Garden General Holidays and Breaks
  • 亚伯达省儿童保育补贴计划
    如果您的孩子在 Inner Garden Education 注册我们的许可家庭日间家庭计划,您将有资格申请补贴。 补贴率根据孩子的年龄、家庭收入、托儿计划和孩子每月上学的小时数而有所不同。 我们提供的补贴包括针对 0 岁至幼儿园年龄的儿童(在幼儿园以及在正常上课时间参加托儿所)的补贴、针对注册有执照的学前班计划的儿童的学前班补贴以及针对需要外出看护的儿童的延长时间补贴 正常工作时间。 此外,从 2022 年 1 月开始,根据新的联邦-省级儿童保育协议,艾伯塔省的儿童保育服务将变得更加负担得起。 费用将通过扩大补贴和负担能力补助金来降低。 0 至幼儿园年龄儿童的最高补贴率如下 家庭年收入 ($) 全日制补贴率(100+ 小时/月) 0 to 119,999 $266 120,000 to 124,999 $253 125,000 to 129,999 $239 $130,000 to $134,999 $226 $135,000 to $139,999 $213 $140,000 to $144,999 $200 $145,000 to $149,999 $186 $150,000 to $154,999 $173 $155,000… Read More »亚伯达省儿童保育补贴计划
  • Alberta Child Care Subsidy & Grant
    Subsidy If your child is enrolled in our licensed family day home program at Inner Garden Education, you will be eligible to apply for subsidies. The subsidy rates vary based on the child’s age, family income, the childcare program, and the number of hours a child attends each month. The subsidies we offer include a… Read More »Alberta Child Care Subsidy & Grant
  • Inner Garden 10th Anniversary Speech
    – Writing by: Bing Liu (Founder & Director) September, 2017 “There are millions of roses in a spring, but only one spring in a rose.”  Our goal in the past ten years at IG has been to provide our students with the right start in their life’s educational journey. As I reflected in 2017:  Why do… Read More »Inner Garden 10th Anniversary Speech