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What is Licensed Family Day Home Agencies?

As of February 2021, Alberta Government came up with new standards to regulate the Family Day Home in its regions. Under the Act, it clearly states that each family day home can only provide service for up to 6 children.

Agencies are responsible to develop programs for their day homes, provide advice about nutritious meal planning and choose the adequate toys and equipment that ensures children’s safety and development. Only Family Day Home that registered under an Agency may qualify for wage top-up funding that benefits you. Each Family Day Home must be registered to legally operate. Contact your day home and query for information about what agency it belongs to.

Choosing a Day Home under Inner Garden Education provide the following:

  • government top-up funding
  • commercially insured for potential accidents
  • professional trained educators
  • safer environment
  • qualified curriculums prior to elementary school
  • nutrition evaluated meal plans